About Us


Times are changing at a breakneck speed. The unprecedented onset of health hazards in the recent times is a glaring testimony of how unpredictable life situations can be. Emotional wellness is an often overlooked but an extremely important and sensitive factor in many individuals. It is time we reckoned the need to be pre-emptive rather than corrective when it comes to keeping our emotional health in check and building up our resilience.

Often, we think of Counselling as the default remedy for an emotional issue. Here’s where we at Growwise Academy think different. We are here not just for Counselling but to help you equip yourself with a clear mindset which will enable you to face any difficult situation hereafter on your own. Our motto is – We don’t do it; we equip YOU to do it! We believe that prevention of emotional breakdown is what the society needs to aim at and not remedial action. We make sure that you are equipped with the emotional arsenal to drive your life in a direction that ensures your emotional well-being and happiness. We like to call it Self-Leadership.



Give back to the society by providing various avenues such as seminars, workshops, programs focused on self-leadership for various age groups and genres.


Empower the society to prevent emotional issues, instead of curing them later. Imbibe the idea that emotional wellness and happiness should be THE way of life.

Our Feature


  • ‘TI’ Program(Thought Installation Program)
  • ‘HI’ Program(Habit Installation Program)


  • Knowledge Seminars
  • Awareness Seminars
  • ALEAGUE Solutioning Seminars

Guidance sessions

  • Children
  • Women
  • Parents
  • Expecting Mothers
  • Organizations & Members

Wellness Programs

  • Corporate Strength (Member Wellness)
  • Nurturing the Vessel (Expecting Mothers Wellness)
  • S.H.E – Strengthening Her Emotionally (Women Wellness)
  • Mould them Soft – (Children Wellness)
  • Shape Them Young – (Teenagers Wellness)

Our Team Members

Uday Navale


Mr. Navale holds a MBA degree in Marketing and HR Management and is successfully driving multiple other ventures along with Growwise Academy. He is a man of conviction with a vision and passion to contribute to society. All programs at Growwise are conceptualized by Mr. Uday.

Medha Bhide

Head of Research and Training

Medha holds a Masters in Social Work (Counselling) with an overall work experience of over sixteen years. At Growwise, she is responsible for the research activities, creating training modules, conducting the programs for clients as well as training the team internally, keeping them abreast of the latest concepts. She is not just the face of Growwise and the trainer, but also someone who truly identifies with the needs of her clients and feels one amongst them.

Kalyani Gokhale

Project Manager

Although Kalyani holds a Master’s degree in Engineering, she was made a part of the Growwise Team for her strategic ability to get things done. Always the one with a concrete plan to see all our programs through.

Pallavi Ian

Creative writing and Content Design

Pallavi is deeply passionate about writing with a natural flair for the art. Her language is beautiful and crisp, and her style of writing is impactful. Her words aptly bring out the beauty of GrowWise Academy's wisdom.

Swapna Kulkarni

Project Executor

Swapna holds a MBA degree in Human Resource Management She works with Kalyani and Medha in delivering and executing the programs and the rest of the aligned task as per schedule. Swapna is extremely diligent in project execution. Her dedication has always added to the project achievement. In addition to that she is a certified Yog-Shikshak.

Bharat Choudhary

IT co-ordinator