General Questions

What is Growwise Academy?
We are a team of experts which works on steering your thought process towards choosing the right way of life leading to a happy life. We equip you to strengthen your emotional framework such that you prevent emotional breakdown instead of searching for a cure once it has happened.
What is the vision and mission of Growwise Academy?
Vision: Empower the society to prevent emotional issues, instead of curing them later. Imbibe the idea that emotional wellness and happiness should be THE way of life. Mission: Give back to the society by providing various avenues such as seminars, workshops, programs focused on self-leadership for various age groups and genres.
Who all can benefit from Growwise Academy?
All age groups and genres of the society – children, teenagers, adults, expecting mothers, working professionals, skilled, unskilled labours – can immensely benefit from the various programs offered by Growwise Academy.
Does Growwise Academy maintain the confidentiality of its clients?
Indeed, we follow a very strict work ethic of strictly protecting the identity of our clients and their information. Names are masked wherever references or testimonials come into the picture.
How does Growwise Academy source the content and information for its training modules?
We have a very strong and qualified research team. We conduct multiple rounds of extensive surveys and experiments based on consultations with certified psychologists. The learnings thus derived are implemented as remedies on our clients.
Is Growwise Academy a team of psychiatrists?
No, we are not. Our counselors are duly trained and qualified experts with the necessary certifications to recommend remedial action for emotional issues.
What is the biggest advantage of consulting Growwise Academy?
We don’t just offer advice. We make you self-sufficient by equipping you to bring about the necessary changes in your life. We have a selfless team which is passionate about giving back to the society by improving the quality of your life.
How are the training modules structured?
Each of our programs is crafted based on extensive research, study and experimentation of the relevant aspects, coupled with inputs from experts in this field.
What is the secret behind the success of Growwise Academy’s programs?
We don’t leave our clients with just a temporary feel-good vibe but empower them with the knowledge and technique to face difficult situations on their own. With utter love and value for each individual, we encourage them to adopt a positive and confident approach to life.
What is the foundation of Growwise Academy?
Trust, integrity, hard work and love are at our very core. Our offerings are based on scientific knowledge, thorough research, extensive experimentation, and guidance from duly certified experts.
Does Growwise Academy offer tailor-made programs or just a fixed set of programs?
We certainly offer tailor-made programs depending upon the requirements of our clients.
What is the need for Growwise Academy in the current times?
WHO says that mental disorders affect one in four people. Stats show that 56 million Indians suffer from depression and another 38 million from anxiety disorders. Stress has become the new normal, which is scary. Interpersonal connect has deteriorated and hence the stability required in life is dwindling. We need a partner who will help prevent such situations for you and empower you to take back control of your life. Growwise can be this partner for you.