Weakness or Empowerment

Fragility or Strength

Stress or Happiness

Anxiety or Calm

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Give back to the society by providing various avenues such as seminars, workshops, programs focused on self-leadership for various age groups and genres.


Empower the society to prevent emotional issues, instead of curing them later. Imbibe the idea that emotional wellness and happiness should be THE way of life.

About us

We are your partners in making your life better each day!

Times are changing at a breakneck speed. The unprecedented onset of health hazards in the recent times is a glaring testimony of how unpredictable life situations can be. Emotional wellness is an often overlooked but an extremely important and sensitive factor in many individuals. It is time we reckoned the need to be pre-emptive rather than corrective when it comes to keeping our emotional health in check and building up our resilience.

Our Courses


  • ‘TI’ Program(Thought Installation Program)
  • ‘HI’ Program(Habit Installation Program)


  • Knowledge Seminars
  • Awareness Seminars
  • ALEAGUE Solutioning Seminars

Guidance sessions

  • Children
  • Women
  • Parents
  • Expecting Mothers
  • Organizations & Members

Wellness Programs

  • Corporate Strength (Member Wellness)
  • Nurturing the Vessel (Expecting Mothers Wellness)
  • S.H.E – Strengthening Her Emotionally (Women Wellness)
  • Mould them Soft – (Children Wellness)
  • Shape Them Young – (Teenagers Wellness)

Why Choose GrowWise Academy?

We cannot emphasize enough that a happy and peaceful mind-set is what ultimately leads to success, and not vice-versa. Pioneering this novel concept of Self-Leadership, we focus on helping you learn how you can achieve this, which is why we are not just trainers, counsellors or therapists, but we are an academy which you will walk out of, with everything you need to lead an emotionally fulfilling life.

We are an Academy

We believe that self-acknowledgement and self-realization of any emotional challenge
is the key to sparking the necessary improvement. We are not here to CURE someone,
but we are here to catalyze SELF-IMPROVEMENT through SELF-LEADERSHIP.

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Our programs are created out of extensive research, study, experimentations, conclusion, re-experimentations, advice and references to prominent dignitaries who are experts in the field of emotional well-being.

We are your partners in making your life better each day!