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Superb program - EAP It helped me to improve in my work. Thanks to Growwise Academy

Sagar Shankar Narale Member of Naturals Icecream Sangli

Had an opportunity to participate in good program - EAP by Growwise Academy. It helped me to improve in my working skills and to improve my confidence.

Shivaji Kudale (Manager) Member of Naturals Icecream Kolhapur

“For the past five to six years my daughter used to take 2.5 hours to finish every meal. Several ways to reduce the eating time, including reprimanding her, restricting portions and number of times she ate so that her hunger would build up and she would eat faster, didn’t work. Engulfed by this worry our family atmosphere grew quite negative. Growwise recommended their Habit Installation Program for my child. The trainer held multiple sessions with her and asked her to monitor her mealtime by herself. Over several discussions my daughter came to acknowledge on her own that she was taking unreasonably long to eat, and she needed to change that. I and my wife were strictly instructed to be very patient with her, not scold her at any cost. The trainer was deeply invested in my daughter and her progress. She gave a lot of confidence to her and empowered my child to make the change. As a result, not only did my child’s mealtime reduce to normal but she also got much more confident after realizing the control she had over her own self. With this worry out of our way, our entire family relationship and bonding has improved. Our daughter is filled with immense positivity. We are truly thankful to Growwise.”

Ketan* (father of a 11-year-old) Brampton,Canada Participant Enrolled for Habit Installation Program for daughter

“Ajinkya had this very strange fear of all electronic gadgets and appliances. He is a CA, so even if he had to use a laptop, he would wrap the system and all switches with cling foil. He was totally against seeking professional help for this and had strictly forbidden us from discussing this with anyone. We were insanely worried for our brilliant son and in desperation even started thinking that this was probably some paranormal force at work. Since he wouldn’t seek help, we decided to take a 2-hour session with Growwise Academy. The trainer did not promise a big change but said that we, as parents, could certainly create some impact. She advised us to change our mindset to a totally positive one and stop worrying to avoid the negative vibes that could worsen the issue. She also recommended some activities and a specific positive way to talk to our son. Unbeknownst to him we meticulously performed all the activities and adopted the changes in our thought process and behavior. As a result, our son’s anxiety didn’t completely go away but indeed lessened to a large extent. We couldn’t be happier and more thankful.”

Parents of Ajinkya*, Age – 28 years, Mumbai, India Participant Enrolled for Guidance Session

“I was going through a failed relationship where I hardly mattered to the boy whom I was deeply involved in. This constantly stressed me out and I was unable to focus on my studies for an entrance. Also, I was guilt-ridden over why I was investing my emotions in something so futile. I took a 2-day guidance session with Growwise Academy and it totally changed my perspective. The trainer was very understanding and caring and helped me realize that it was not worth tormenting myself. I learnt a new way of life where happiness is a choice I consciously made. I loved the sessions and felt emotionally strengthened. I can’t help thinking how many more such girls like me out there must be in need of Growwise Academy to help them overcome emotional trauma and empower themselves.”

Akshata*, Age – 20 years, Mumbai, India Participant Enrolled for Girl Guidance Session

'I consulted with Growwise Academy for a maternity guidance session. I used to be very confused about whose advice to take regarding this, but the trainer made things very clear and structured for me. She recommended that I speak to my baby in my womb every day, which was difficult at first, but I gradually started feeling the difference and began to enjoy it. The session provided very good guidance especially during the pandemic situation. This program aims at building life-essential characteristics in babies even before they are born. While my baby is still very young, I'm very confident that as she grows older, I will see the results of the learnings applied from the session. My husband too diligently attended this program with me, and the trainer worked with us on some activities which are aimed at developing the bond between the father and the child in the mother's womb. I'm so happy to note that these activities have been very successful in building so much closeness between my husband and my baby. She instantly connects with him even after not meeting him for days together, which is very rare to find in case of infants. I have observed a greatly positive impact of this program on me and my baby, and will definitely recommend this program as a must-have for all expecting mothers.'

Riya* Age 36 years, Pune, India Participant Enrolled for Maternity Session

'I used to constantly criticize Raghav for not performing well academically and compare him to his younger sister who is extremely brilliant at studies. I did not realize the extent of emotional damage I was causing to my son by doing so. At Growwise Academy, the trainer counselled me with strict guidelines to not criticize Raghav under any circumstances but to accept him for who he is. I committed to do so and started appreciating and encouraging him for what he is good at. As a result of this Raghav is now much happier and more confident about himself and I too am far less stressed about his academic performance. Instead, I appreciate him for all his positives.'

Mother of Raghav* Age 14 years, Ratnagiri, India Participant Enrolled for Guidance Session

'Ovee stays with her grandparents the whole day as we both are working professionals. There was a time when she used to feel that they give more love and attention to her younger brother just because he is a boy. Because of this she used to quarrel with them a lot and they, in turn, used to say that she?s undisciplined. She used to be constantly angry and in a state of discontentment, so we consulted with Growwise Academy. Over the course of several sessions, the trainer was very patient with Ovee and taught her to see the other side of the picture. She was also asked to write about it. After the sessions Ovee was very happy and at ease and said that she felt very connected to her trainer. She still gets angry occasionally but then she talks to her trainer and shares her thoughts with her.'

Parents of Ovee* Age 12 years, Ratnagiri, India Participant Enrolled for Thought Installation and Guidance Sessions

“I had an extremely positive experience with Growwise Academy and am very happy with the way my life has changed after the session. Today I feel much more positive about life than before and feel encouraged to move forward for the sake of my own happiness. I could speak my heart out to the trainer without any apprehensions. She has put me on a path on which I’m able to walk on my own even today. I realize how important it is to do things that make me happy and make sure that I make time to do at least some of them, if not all. Due to the session my confidence and self-esteem has increased tremendously.”

Nupur*, Age – 45 years, Mumbai, India Participant Enrolled for Thought Installation

“I connected beautifully with the trainer who turned the session into a friendly discussion with her non-judgemental attitude, effortless understanding and logic-based explanation of how the mind works. She made it very easy for me to mould myself; it just happened automatically and felt very natural. As a result of doing the activities she prescribed, my confidence and overall positivity has increased; in fact, many people have also told this to me. There’s a huge difference in me before and after taking the 3-hour session. I no longer doubt myself. I took the guidance at the right time and understand how important this is for every person.”

Radhika*, Age – 29 years, Kolhapur, India Participant Enrolled for Girl Guidance Session

* As we respect the privacy of our clients, their names have been masked by pseudo names in testimonials.