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Thought installation program (TIP) - Health and Exercise

No. of Days.
21 Days

It helps to focus on a particular aspect of your life related to health.

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30 Days


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Listening (kids)

21 Days

 Listening foundation Program is about
Also GWA believes that the To cultivate the ability to listen, it is important for parents to put

It is basically divided in 2 sub programs one for kids and other for parents
It is a 21 day program
This is a application based program in which you are given access to the audios
The access is given to both the programs

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Listening (Parents)

10 Days

A program to help you guide your child, to become a good listener.

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Employee Assisstance Program (EAP)- (Corporate Wellness Programs) एम्प्लोयी अस्सिस्टेंस प्रोग्रा

42 Days

The issues a working professional face When you are a working professional who is expected to follow and conform to the standards and expectations of the corporate world, it spells an altogether unique bunch of challenges you are subjected to. To perform well it takes not much of what can be taught externally but instead, a lot more of the kind of values an individual has weaved internally. Then come the new-found challenges triggered by the remote work situations that are rampant currently at a global level. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep one’s personal work from creeping into ...

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Thought installation programme (TIP)-Health and Exercise

21 Days

Thought installation program (TIP) - Health and Exercise

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Self Leadership Program [SLP]- आत्म नेतृत्व कार्यक्रम

55 Days

Self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling and actions towards your objective/s

As you practice Self-leadership, it helps you in actively developing a sense of confidence about who you are, it helps you in taking ownership of what you do, and being intentional about where you are going. It's a very crucial skill.

' Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom' - Aristotle.

Self-leadership is important in everyone’s life because it helps you accomplish your goals and help others to accomplish their goals as well. A leader takes his own lead before taking the lead of other people. A ...

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S.H.E Strengthening her emotionally-उसे भावनात्मक रूप से मजबूत करना (Women wellness- महिला कल्याण)

90 Days

The beauty of being a woman

Woman! So much said in so little! Is there anything a woman can’t do? They are the default caregivers of their world and the backbone holding things upright. Women are naturally endowed with emotional attributes such as perseverance, understanding, compassion, adaptability and resilience. The problem starts when taking these abilities for granted becomes an unsaid norm amongst their family or their social circle.

Emotional issues

Women juggle hundreds of things on many different fronts simultaneously. They hardly stop to bother about or even acknowledge their emotional disturbances. Only after they have been driven to the point of ...

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Nurturing the motherhood (मातृत्वाचे पालनपोषण)

70 Days

This program is a perfect mixture of the traditional pregnancy-related set of Do’s and Don’ts known as ‘Garbha Sanskar’ and the scientific aspect of caring and upholding a woman's emotional quotient, to ensure a holistically positive impact on both the mother and the baby. The nine-month journey of nurturing a life in her womb is an immensely special, extraordinary, unique and in some cases, a once-in-a lifetime experience for a woman. It’s not just a crucial time for the development of the baby but also for the mother who goes through several physical as well as emotional changes in her ...

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